Book 7 Training FAQs

For the past 20 years, the Ontario Traffic Council has provided one of the most affordable OTM Book 7 Training courses to individuals working in temporary conditions on Ontario roads and highways. Whether you are a municipal worker, municipal contractor staff or private sector worker, receiving OTC Book 7 certification will help protect you and your company. Workplace injuries can be costly for a company with penalties for neglecting health and safety policies, processes and training, which can include fines and even jail time. Even worse – life altering workplace injuries and deaths can devastate individuals, family, friends and communities.

Register for your Book 7 training today. Courses are available throughout the year and private company training is also available.

1. What is Book 7 Training?
2. Who is Book 7 Training designed for?
3. Why is Book 7 Training important?
4. Do I need Book 7 Training for my job?
5. What topics does OTC Book 7 Training cover?
6. Who is the Book 7 course instructor?
7. What is the cost to attend a Book 7 Training course?
8. When and where is the next Book 7 Training session?
9. How can I register for the next Book 7 Training course?
10. Where can I buy a copy of Book 7?

1. What is Book 7 Training?

The Ontario Traffic Manual’s Book 7 (Temporary Conditions) has been developed to provide basic uniform requirements for traffic control in work zones during roadway or utility construction and maintenance operations on or adjacent to public highways including ramps and municipal roads and streets, (as well as other public ways to which road traffic has access).

*These Book 7 Training sessions are approved for 0.6 CEUs from the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.

2. Who is Book 7 Training designed for?

Training in Book 7 is intended for employees working for the following agencies and organizations:

  • Provincial, Municipal, and private road authorities in Ontario and their contractors.
  • Utilities, contractors, and others who may have approval to work on public roadways.

3. Why is Book 7 Training important?

Safety for workers and motorists is paramount, including workers setting up, operating, and removing traffic control. The purpose of this training is to provide the basic guidelines for traffic control to be used by persons or agencies performing construction, maintenance, and utility work on any street or highway open to the public in the Province of Ontario, in order to achieve satisfactory levels of safety for workers and motorists.

4. Do I need Book 7 Training for my job?

The latest Ministry of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and construction regulations provisions for traffic control and worker protection have been in effect since June, 2000, and have been carried forward into subsequent editions. These require employers to train workers exposed to traffic hazard or construction vehicles, and to develop Traffic Protection Plans for workers who may be exposed to traffic and vehicular hazard.

5. What topics does OTC Book 7 Training cover?

This 1 day course is for installers (workers) and supervisors who will be responsible for or working on non-freeways only. This course will benefit employers, provincial and municipal road authorities, contractors, engineers, designers, contract administrators, utilities, supervisors, workers, and inspectors.

  • Provisions of the Ontario Health and Safety Act and regulations relating to traffic control in maintenance and construction work zones, as well as to employer, supervisor, and worker responsibilities, and upcoming changes to legislation.
  • Driver needs, capabilities, and limitations: Human factors and positive guidance, and their application to work zone traffic control.
  • Comprehensive training on OTM Book 7 requirements and guidelines applicable to non-freeways.
  • Rural and urban application of Book 7
  • Speed Control in Work Zones, including speed control with pilot vehicles
  • Pedestrians & Cyclists Traffic Control
  • Procedures and methods for Work Zone Traffic Control
  • Preparation before beginning work: planning, organization, and design of traffic control
  • Traffic Protection and Traffic Control Plans: How to develop and implement
  • Traffic hazards and protection measures
  • How to reduce risk and liability exposure
  • Step-by-step procedures for safe set-up and removal of traffic control
  • Traffic Control Devices: Application
  • Signs: Specifications, Installation, Maintenance, sign details
  • Channelizing Devices: Cones, barrels, etc
  • Temporary markings and delineation

6. Who is the Book 7 course instructor?

Joe Richards | V.P., Direct Traffic Management
Joe has over 30 years experience in the industry from both the traffic management side and the contractor side as well. As a result he has an ability to understand the customers’ needs better and brings a unique perspective to his work. Joe can manage projects of all sizes from the pre-bid estimating right through to job completion and all the steps in between. Joe understands the traffic control industry very well and embraces new and old methods to ensure the safest and most efficient way to get a job done. In addition to all his other duties, Joe is also our lead trainer.  Joe is well versed, not only in the temporary traffic control requirements in Ontario, but has also attended training in other jurisdictions as well.

7. What is the cost to attend a Book 7 Training course?

The cost for an OTC Member is $229 and Non Member is $329 (excluding HST). You can also visit the events page for current course registration fees.

8. When and where is the next Book 7 Training session?

Please visit the OTC events page for details on the next Book 7 training session.

Please contact the OTC office at (647) 346-4050 or if your municipality or corporation is interested in hosting a day-long session.

9. How can I register for the next Book 7 Training course?

  1. Register online by visiting the Events page
  2. Contact the OTC for more details:
    Phone: (647) 346-4050  |  Fax: (647) 346-4060 | Email:

10.  Where can I buy a copy of Book 7?

The OTC does not sell copies of OTM Book 7.  To download a PDF of the complete manual, or purchase a copy of the field or office editions, visit Publications Ontario

Download Manuals

How to purchase OT Manuals

To download OTM Book 7 (Full Office Edition), click here:  OTM Book 7 2014
To download the 2016 errata to OTM Book 7 Office Edition,  click here: OTM Book 7 Office Edition Errata
To download OTM Book 18, click here:  OTM Book 18 2013

To purchase OTM Book 7 Field Edition or other OT Manuals, use these instructions:

1. Access the MTO Library On-line. Cut & paste the following into your browser.

2. Choose (double-click) the Library Catalogue.

3. Type in Ontario Traffic Manual in the Title box.