Traffic Analyst

Position: Traffic Analyst (click for full posting)
Employer: City of Richmond Hill
Closing Date: June 1, 2022

Reporting to the Supervisor of Traffic Safety and Operations, the Traffic Analyst will use engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on the City’s roadways. The  Traffic Analyst position will review and comment on development application submissions, and assess traffic safety and operational issues raised by the public.


Key Duties and Responsibilities (see detailed job posting-link above):
• Review and comment on development applications, including composite utility plans/signs and pavement marking plans, and construction management plans/traffic management plans to ensure compliance with City standards.
• Assist in the development and delivery of the Traffic Safety and Operations Study (TSOS)
• Conduct assessments related to parking, traffic operations, and safety issues, applying traffic safety and operations policies and procedures, and developing recommendations for changes and/or improvements based on industry best practices, guidelines and standards.
• Collect or coordinate the collection of various types of traffic and parking data and observations related to neighborhood traffic calming, traffic operations, traffic safety, and parking inquiries.
• Conduct, review and comment on traffic signal, all-way stop, and pedestrian crossing warrants; and traffic signal timings.