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Municipal Access (Password Protected) Automated Speed Enforcement Guidelines

Public Access – Automated Speed Enforcement Guidelines

Since the enactment of the Safer School Zones Act, 2017, the Ontario Traffic Council has been
working with interested municipalities alongside the MTO through an ASE Working Group on the
implementation of automated speed enforcement in Ontario. The legislation authorizes the use
of automated speed enforcement in school zones and community safety zones. Automated
speed enforcement, commonly referred to as ASE, is the use of a device that consists of a camera,
a speed measurement device and technology that operate in combination to result in images of
motor vehicles being taken, and data recorded, when a motor vehicle travels on a road way past
the device at a rate of speed greater than the posted speed limit. The operation of the device
does not require that a human be present or on site.
The OTC ASE Working have worked to develop a transparent, consistent, sustainable ASE
program as a road safety tool for Ontario municipalities. Considerable research was undertaken
to determine how automated speed enforcement was introduced in other jurisdictions both
within Canada and across North America. The legislative authority for Automated Speed
Enforcement was enacted effective December 1, 2019. Various communication platforms have
been developed by the OTC to inform the public with regards to the automated speed
enforcement program in Ontario. One example is the microsite: The public has
the right to expect a fair and transparent automated speed enforcement program that is
consistent across Ontario and that generates charges based on the proper use of a device that
meets the requirements of the Automated Speed Enforcement Regulation and the application of
other, clear guidelines. Open and transparent communication with the public is viewed as
essential to the success of the program.

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