OTC – New Young Professionals Group

The Ontario Traffic Council has established a new Young Professionals Group for the 2023 membership year. This group is made up of individuals who are young professionals (under 40 years old) OR who dedicated to the future of our industry.

The Young Professionals Group meets on the third Thursday of each odd month at noon. If you are interested in joining this group, or have any ideas or suggestions, please email: nicole@otc.org. The group will also connect via the OTC’s OTConnect Community where they can hold discussions, establish connections and share files within their library. There will also be OTConnect FREE exclusive events for members in 2023.

This group will discuss topics involving Young Professionals such as: events, education & training opportunities, career development, professional development credits, and increasing involvement. In addition to a Call for Presentations for our 2023 symposiums, a separate call has gone out to young professionals to ensure they have the opportunity to present and have a presence at OTC events.

OTC is dedicated to the future and benefit of our industry and members. If you have any recommendations please email nicole@otc.org.