Police Traffic Webinar: Uniform Sworn Officers ONLY

9:00 am - 2:45 pm

**This FREE event is open to Uniform Sworn Officers ONLY.


9:00–9:15 AM  Introduction (OTC / OPC)
9:15–10:00 AM    MOMS Act & Recent Changes to Stunt Driving (MTO)
Overview of new Ontario legislation that will add additional road safety measures as it continues to get implemented in the 1-2 years, including stricter enforcement measures for stunt driving.
10:00–10:15 AM Break (15 mins)
10:15–11:00 AM  E-Bikes, E-Cargo Bikes and E-Scooters (MTO)
11:15–11:45 AM  Automated Enforcement (OTC)
This presentation will summarize the automated enforcement programs in Ontario including an update on automated school bus cameras.
11:45 AM–12:30 PM  Human Factors (MTO & Halton Regional Police Services)
Driver behavior is observed to be a critical factor in over 90 percent of all collisions.
Human Factors is the study of how human characteristics, abilities and limitations influence the decisions and more importantly, the mistakes that humans make when executing tasks related to the complexities of operating a moving motor vehicle – and sometimes lead to collisions.
Session participants will gain insight into some of the most common elements of road users’ performance of the driving task that influence the decisions, along with considerations pertaining to road layout & signage that can either facilitate safe driving or detract from it. 
12:30–1:15 PM  Lunch
1:15–2:00 PM  Cannabis Legislation and Vehicle Search and Seizure (OPC)
2:00–2:45 PM Impaired Operation (Drugs) Challenges and Preparation for Court (MAG)
This presentation will cover the suspicion-based screening demands available in drug cases, including s. 320.27(1)(a) and s. 320.27(1)(c), and the evidentiary demands available at s. 320.28(2), including both the DRE or blood demand available in impaired by drug cases. It will cover the law on forming suspicion of a drug in the body versus forming reasonable grounds that the person is at least slightly impaired by alcohol or drug. It will also cover what to do in cases where you cannot interact with the accused because they have been taken to a hospital. The presentation will conclude with a look at the potential charges that are available in drug impaired cases, and how best to prepare for trial.
2:45 PM   Closing Remarks

Registering for this webinar is a two-step process. Please click and register on the link below to indicate your availability. As a second step, you will be contacted by OTC (traffic@otc.org) a week ahead of the webinar, to register again on the online webinar platform for accessing the webinar on November 3.