New Mobility Workshop

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre

This New Mobility Workshop offers participants a thorough understanding of the current trends that are propelling transportation into an extraordinary revolution. We will dive into the potential economic, environmental, and social impacts that are potential outcomes of vehicle automation and related advancements. These sessions cut a path through speculation and uncertainty to focus on the specific risks, opportunities, and choices cities and communities face right now, and to offer a set of tools and ideas for how to navigate them.

Topics covered include:

  • Four sequential ‘Automated Vehicle Eras’ that we are likely to live through;
  • Two key future mobility markets and the forces that will stimulate or inhibit each of them;
  • Four immediate and ongoing responses available to planners and politicians;
  • Four anxieties associated with automated vehicles;
  • Reasons for and against choosing robotaxi service over vehicle ownership;
  • Multiple planning models for targeting positive AV integration
  • Why and how to migrate from an own-and-operate transit model to a specify-and-regulate model

Content is divided into an introduction and seven modules. Each module will include new content presented by the instructor, group discussion, and collaborative exercises where participants will apply what they’ve learned and solidify key takeaways.

To view the complete Workshop program, click here:  New Mobility Workshop Program

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