Coordinator, School Zone Traffic Safety Program

Position: Coordinator School Zone Traffic Safety Program (click for full posting)
Employer: City of Ottawa
Closing Date: November 19, 2021

Road Safety & Traffic Investigations is responsible for coordinating and directing traffic investigations, collecting, analyzing and processing traffic field data, and developing procedures to enhance safety for drivers and pedestrians through the continuous review of evolving traffic and collision patterns and the timely revision of speed limits and upgraded traffic control devices. The unit manages the implementation, monitoring, assessment, refinement and development of installation criteria for traffic control devices and safety initiatives such as the Community Safety Zone Program and Adult Crossing Guard Program to maximize their effectiveness, and is responsible for the investigation of fatal collisions to determine the role of the road and its infrastructure in the cause or severity of those collisions.

You are responsible for working with partners to improve and monitor School Zone Traffic Safety. You provide specialized technical support and coordination of the management of the city’s School Zone Traffic Safety Program, including the Adult School Crossing Guard Program and Traffic Safety Outreach Programs. You also manage all road safety issues related to school zones – develop policies, conduct investigations, analyze concerns, develop corrective options, provide recommendations, prioritize and coordinate implementation of measures, and conduct outreach, monitoring and evaluation programs. In addition, you liaise with city staff, councillors, various federal, provincial and municipal governments, universities, road safety organizations, police services, schoolboards, and special interest groups.