Analyst, Parking Operations and Strategic Planning

Position: Analyst, Parking Operations and Strategic Planning (click for full posting)
Employer: City of Barrie
Closing Date: January 9, 2022

The Transit and Parking Strategy Department strives to provide customer focused, efficient, reliable and affordable public transportation and parking services that link people, workplaces and the community and promotes economic development within the City of Barrie.
Under the general guidance and direction of the Supervisor of Parking Operations, the Analyst, Parking Operations and Strategic Planning position is responsible for contributing to key strategic parking initiatives to assist with the short and long term planning and improvement of paid parking services within the City of Barrie.
Specifically, this position conducts research, collects and presents operational data, reconciles revenue, and performs financial, systems, and data analysis to update parking strategies, policies, enhance parking technologies, improve functionality, increase operational efficiencies, maintain department revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, this position collaborates with internal partners and external community groups in the development of an updated Parking strategy and makes recommendations on how to improve parking operations and achieve financial sustainability. Overall, this position plays an integral role in providing customer focused, efficient, and reliable parking service to the community that supports transportation diversity, a vibrant downtown, and financially sustainable parking rate within the City of Barrie.