OTC Committees


Active Transportation

As leaders in sustainable transportation, the OTC Active Transportation Committee provides direction to the OTC membership on pedestrian and cycling issues, in particular on updates and additional guidance required for pedestrian and cycling facilities engineering, operations and management. The Committee will also advise on educational programs, information tools, and collaborative approaches related to pedestrian and cycling facilities needed by professionals and policymakers who want to make communities better for bicycling and walking, with the end goal of creating sustainable communities across Ontario.

The mission of the OTC Active Transportation Committee is to:

  • Influence transportation infrastructure building practices to create a built environment that is supportive (both attractive and safe) of active transportation modes
  • Grow the pedestrian and bicycle profession and its influence by facilitating the exchange of professional and technical knowledge, elevating practitioners’ skills and defining the field
  • Promote the benefits of walking and cycling for both individuals and communities across Ontario.

Committee Members:

Dave McLaughlin, WSP Canada Group Ltd. (Co-chairperson)

Emmet Proulx, City of Ottawa (Co-chairperson)
Daryl Bender, City of Hamilton
Nelson Cadete, City of Brampton
Michael Canzi, MTO
Roger DeGannes, MTO
Shawn Dillon, City of Toronto
Petr Emelianov, City of Vaughan
Jaime Garcia, CIMA+
John Grieve, Town of Ajax

Adam Hortop, City of Ottawa
Yvonne Kaczor, Regional Municipality of York
Becky Katz, City of Toronto
Lorenzo Mele, Attivo Designs
Michael Pardo, MTO
Eric Post, MobyconNeal Smith, Regional Municipality of Peel
Darryl Spencer, Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Matthew Sweet, City of Mississauga
Daphne Wee, City of Toronto


  • Provides an awareness of the related complexities in the parking field.
  • Provides an Annual Workshop on parking issues and concerns expressed by the membership.
  • Provides fellowship and information exchange for parking enforcement throughout Ontario.

Committee Members:
George Johnstone, Toronto Police Service (Chairperson)
Tyrone Banavage, Toronto Parking Authority (Co-Chairperson)
Brian Clark, J.J. MacKay Canada Ltd.
Nathan Donnell, Conduent Transportation
Karen Durant, Toronto Police Service
Jaime Garcia, CIMA+
Kim Janes, Toronto Police Service
Ali Khan, City of Welland
John Mattocks, Town of Oakville
Amanda McIlveen, City of Hamilton
Peter Sejrup, Peterborough Police Services

School Zone Safety

Created for the purpose of implementing a One Voice Approach for: collaboration, sharing, review, support and resources. To streamline our School Crossing programs across the province for improved safety messaging, program delivery and support/promotion of safe and active travel to school.

Committee Members:
Julie Ellis, City of Niagara Falls (Chairperson)
Darla Fraser, Town of Orangeville (Co-chairperson)
Jeff Sharp, City of Barrie
Krista Keller, City of Belleville
Violet Skirten, City of Brampton
Hayley Parkinson, City of Burlington
Jeff Black, City of Burlington
Karen Accursik, City of Cambridge
Shannon Noonan, City of Cambridge
Christine Vettor, City of Guelph
Steve Anderson, City of Guelph
Bill Young, City of Hamilton
Colby Constant, City of Hamilton
Doug Eldrigde, City of Hamilton
Ellen Enriquez, City of Hamilton
James Buffett, City of Hamilton
Mary Collins, City of Hamilton
Michael Newell, City of Hamilton
Philicia D’Ariano, City of Hamilton
Dean McMillan, City of Kitchener
Alexei Chkouro, City of London
Shane Maguire, City of London
David Porretta, City of Markham
Justin Chin, City of Markham
Sheelagh Duffin, City of Mississauga
Ashor Barkho, City of Niagara Falls
Remi Renaud, City of North Bay
Nancy Wilding, City of Orillia
Kathleen Zwolle, City of Oshawa
Scott Muir, City of Ottawa
Peter Malin, City of Peterborough
Karen Walsh, City of Port Colborne
Sherry Hanson, City of Port Colborne
Brad Miller, City of Sault Ste. Marie
Christian Frost, City of Sault Ste. Marie
Brian Applebee, City of St. Catharines
Darlene Faulkner, City of St. Catharines
Michael Patterson, City of St. Catharines
Angi Nesbitt, City of Thorold
Michelle Riemer, City of Thunder Bay
Linda Lee, City of Toronto
Majid Khan, City of Toronto
Roger Browne, City of Toronto
Sheldon Koo, City of Toronto
Brenda Bisceglia, City of Vaughan
Margie Chung, City of Vaughan
Christine Koehler, City of Waterloo
Ali Khan, City of Welland
Mark Slade, City of Welland
Mary DiMenna, City of Windsor
Doug Ellis, City of Woodstock
Slav Potrykus, Municipality of Clarington
Annette Van Dyk, Municipality of Clarington
Michael Malachowsky, Niagara Police Service
William Schoenhals, Niagara Police Service
Rob Berketo, Niagara Student Transportation Services
Benjamin Hopkins, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Katie Monroe, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Kelly Banks, Ottawa Safety Council
Shari Black, Ottawa Safety Council
Kim Hutton, Public Member
Jennifer Pereira, Strathroy-Caradoc
Derrick Martin, Toronto Police Service
Amanda Hynes, Town of Ajax
Paul Dubniak, Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
Jennifer Pennell-Ajie, Town of Fort Erie
Hazel Soady-Easton, Town of Grimsby
Richard Sparham, Town of Grimsby
Maureen Van Ravens, Town of Halton Hills
Roumen Kotev, Town of Halton Hills
Devon Walker, Town of Lincoln
Laura Ecker, Town of Lincoln
Heide Schlegl, Town of Milton
Valerie Lister, Town of Milton
Martin Maguire, Town of Oakville
Sanja Dabic, Town of Oakville
Craig Genesse, Town of Pelham
Paula Park, Town of Pelham
Rob Cowie, Town of Richmond Hill
Nathalie Narbonne, Town of Richmond Hill
Dan Smukavich, Town of Tillsonburg
Geno Vanhaelewyn, Town of Tillsonburg
Dhaval Pandya, Town of Whitby
Carol Coleman, Township of Scugog
Joanne Scime, Township of West Lincoln
Valrie Hummel, Township of Woolwich
Mark Tardif, Wainfleet Township

Traffic Engineering

  • Through its activities investigates technical matters and undertakes projects, studies, awareness or educational programs.
  • Provides an Annual Workshop and a number of Traffic Control Workzone Awareness Seminars.
  • The Committee is represented on organizations, agencies and task forces, which develop and promote standardization and appropriate use of traffic control devices, which include signing on highways and for roadwork operations.

Committee Members:
Steve MacRae, Mississauga Transit (Chairperson)
Deanna Green, BA Consulting Group (Co-Chairperson)
Adam Bell, TMIG (The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd.), a T. Y. Lin Company
Jose Herrera Castro, 407 ETR Concession Company Limited
James Delamere, Stinson Owl-Lite
Rod Edwards, Arges Training and Consulting
Doug Green, Dillon Consulting
Greg Kent, EXP Services
Reza Noroozi, GHD Group
Dave Richardson, WSP Canada Group Ltd.
Joe Rocca, City of Greater Sudbury
Heide Schlegl, Town of Milton
Kelly Schmid, MTO
Gil Tait, City of Ottawa
Peter Wehmeyer, Direct Traffic Management Inc.

Traffic Training

  • Deals with the diverse and growing needs of community safety serviced by police in Ontario.
  • Provides an Annual Workshop focusing on Educational programmes for a safe lifestyle in Ontario.

Committee Members:
John Crass (Chairperson)
Ryan Snow, Halton Regional Police Service (Co-chairperson)
Chris Blackwood, Mohawk College
Chris Day, City of Hamilton
Paul Driedger, MTO
Daniel Hunter, Ontario Provincial Police
Sean Nix, Mohawk College
Michael Pardo, MTO
Sidra Rahimzada, City of Toronto
Sheyda Saneinejad, City of Toronto
Peter Sejrup, Peterborough Police Services
Warren Stein, Toronto Police Service

Transportation Planning

The Committee shall pursue and study timely Transportation Planning issues of interest to the OTC membership and provide educational and technical information dissemination opportunities for the same.

Committee Members:
Mehemed Delibasic, McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd. (Chairperson)
David Angelakis, RJ Burnside & Associates Limited
Muna Awatta, Parsons
Jillian Britto, Town of Caledon
Eric Chan, Town of Oakville
Manoj Dilwaria, City of Thorold
Arif Khan, Regional Municipality of York
Chris Leitch, Regional Municipality of Durham
Andria Oliveira, City of Brampton
Chris Pascos, MTO
Loren Polonsky, Safe Roads Engineering
Sabbir Saiyed, Regional Municipality of Peel
Soroush Salek, CIMA+
Branko Zivkovic, MTO

Young Professionals

The Committee shall be responsible for developing strategies to attract young people to participate in the OTC.

The mission of the YP Committee is to:

  • Recommend content for the annual conference and educational workshops
  • Provide guidance on ways to engage young professionals in association’s committees and board.
  • Recommend networking opportunities and activities which involve young professionals.
  • Provide guidance and advice on new and emerging technologies both in the workplace and within the association.

Committee Members:
John Grieve, Town of Ajax (Chairperson)
Olivia Babcock, Wood Plc
James Buffett, City of Hamilton
Cindy Chung, R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.
Richa Dave, Regional Municipality of Peel
Joel Elgersma, Wood Plc
Tabot Eneme, Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Bryan Flores, City of Brampton
Rachel Johnson, City of Hamilton
Peter Kavcic, City of London
Wes Lau, MTO
Ezra Lipton, Alta Planning + Design
Alexander Nolet, TNS Group
Reza Omrani, CIMA+
Cody Raposo, R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.
Madan Sharma, City of Oshawa
Lauren Short, City of Guelph
Annosan Srikantha, Nextrans Engineering
Kristy Tu, ARUP