The Ontario Traffic Council (OTC), formerly the Ontario Traffic Conference, was established in 1950 to improve traffic management in Ontario by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of those in the field of enforcement, engineering and education. Today, the organization is supported by its members across Ontario – regions, cities, towns, counties and industry businesses (consultants and vendors). Membership enables the participation in our work or those who have an interest in and responsibility for traffic engineering and transportation planning including engineers, planners, police services, parking personnel, staff and elected representatives.

A leading voice in multimodal transportation in Ontario, the premier organization offering diverse expertise in traffic engineering, transportation planning, safety and traffic enforcement.

Our Mission
To promote excellence in the multi-modal transportation field through education, advocacy, guidance and sharing expertise.

Our Objectives
The following are our objects which lay out the elements of our mission: 

  • Develop technical guidance and reports on topics of current interest in the field
  • Source/ disseminate latest developments in the field of multimodal transportation (encouraging and promoting innovation)
  • Develop and improve industry-related education
  • Engage all persons in the fields of multimodal transportation, engineering, planning, enforcement, parking and traffic/road safety in Ontario
  • Mobilize/assist/coordinate with governmental and other organizations

Our Values
Values are our foundation and govern our actions. We strive to reflect them daily. They shape our culture: 

  • Collaboration: Working internally and externally towards shared goals leveraging our diversity of expertise and perspectives
  • Expertise: Valuing the expertise and leadership of our members
  • Trustworthiness: Honouring our commitments, and being reliable
  • Progressive: Evolving to stay relevant and provide value to members
  • Integrity: Demonstrating integrity in our actions, recommendations and relationships

Strategic Plan 2020-2025