OTC Membership

Interested in becoming a member of the Ontario Traffic Council?

Membership is made up of regions, cities, towns, counties and institutions from across Ontario, who contribute to the OTC through their Police Services, Elected Representatives, Traffic Engineers and Parking Enforcement. The OTC is also supported by Suppliers and Individual members, who have an interest in traffic and Community safety.

For inquiries, please contact the OTC at (647) 346-4050, or email traffic@otc.org.

HIOTC members are eligible for exclusive rates when booking accommodations with the Holiday Inn Burlington.  For details and booking instructions, call us or email traffic@otc.org.


ViaOTC and VIA Rail have partnered to offer OTC members a 5% discount on all travel bookings with VIA.  To obtain the OTC member discount code and booking instructions, call us or email traffic@otc.org

New OTC Member Benefit – Group Insurance Benefits with the Personal.

Being part of a group can really pay offparticularly when you get exclusive benefits and savings on the things you need in life. The Personal provides home and auto insurance uniquely to groups at rates not available to the general public.