Robyn Zutis | Director of Convention

bio_zutisRobyn started working at the Town of Oakville as a Traffic Technician after completing the Transportation Engineering Technology program at Mohawk College in 1988. Her five-year plan to stay with Oakville has turned in to 20 years and counting. Robyn has worked as Traffic Technologist in both the Traffic Engineering and Traffic Operations departments within the Town of Oakville.

Her responsibilities currently include implementing the capital emergency pre-emption plan, controller replacement, the interconnect and streetlighting programs, designing and reviewing traffic signal drawings and preparing tenders for material and equipment and services required for Traffic Operations.

Robyn attended the OTC Traffic Training Course (3 week) in 1993 and has obtained IMSA certifications in Traffic Signals Level 1 and 2 and Roadway Lighting Level 1.