Director | Peter Sejrup

In 2018 Peter led the Peterborough Police Services Traffic Unit with a commitment to reduce collisions and injuries through education and enforcement. In addition to delivering the monthly enforcement programs focused on areas such as school crossings violations, school bus violations, red light running, speeding etc. Peter developed and initiated several new safety campaigns including “Safe Under 7” and the “Zero Hero”. “Safe Under 7” targeted speeding in residential neighbourhoods which was well received by city residents and promoted enthusiastically by the local media. The “Zero Hero” challenged drivers to be a “Zero Hero” and commit to zero calls and texts while driving. The implementation of these campaigns demonstrated that effective enforcement and education works.

Working in partnership with the City of Peterborough Traffic Section and as the police representative on the Peterborough Transportation Safety Group, Peter has shown to be enthusiastic and dedicated to traffic safety supporting open dialogue and positive change.