About Us

The Ontario Traffic Council was formed in 1950 by a small group of municipal officials, who saw the need for a co-ordinated effort to improve traffic management in Ontario, by drawing together the knowledge and expertise of those in the field of Enforcement, Engineering and Education.

The OTC mission statement is “OTC is the voice for enhancing the engineering, education and enforcement sectors of the traffic management sector in Ontario”.

The following are some of the specific aims of the OTC:

  1. Provide members with ongoing intelligence about the environment in which they do business, and develop strategies to assist them in successfully managing relevant traffic issues.
  2. Maximize member access to information on technical and operational matters and work to create new sources when a need is identified.
  3. Assist members to improve the effectiveness and overall competitiveness of their services and products.
  4. Raise public understanding of the larger issues affecting traffic in Ontario and create and maintain a positive industry image.
  5. Maintain strong ties with other transportation industry stakeholders.
  6. Influence government decisions that may have an impact on Ontario’s traffic management sector, and assist its members in influencing provincial, regional and municipal actions to promote the development of sound public policy designed to achieve transportation sustainability.